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From Dana's Guests

Nancy Maltin

Never Too Late

by Dana Roc

Nancy Maltin

"All human beings are 'late bloomers' and all of us 'bloom' in life at different times, each of us according to our own pace."

Wise words from my wise friend, Nancy.

"We are all "late bloomers" and it is never too late to try something new and succeed".

Nancy Maltin who, having been a high-school drop-out at the age of 16, decided at the age of 40 to take a deep breath and go live out her dream. She earned her GED and then entered college at the age of 41. She went on to graduate from law school at the age of 50. She is now a successful attorney.

Nancy points out that:

"Statistics show that women in our society are having babies increasingly later in life and returning to school or making career changes at a stage in their life that used to be considered "too late". Who doesn't want to stand up and make a statement and say,

"Hey, I'm not done yet.....I'm a "late bloomer"® and just because I didn't succeed to the level others did at a younger age....I can still make a lot of my dreams come true!"

Nancy Maltin is my friend and a true inspiration because she believes that it is never too late for anyone to go after what they want. She believes it and she lives it!


I read an inspiring story about a cactus who stands alone in the desert wondering "What use am I"? What is my life for?

This cactus knows that he can't offer shade or "juicy fruit for a thirsty traveler" and he notices everyday that birds circling high overhead make gorgeous patterns for all to admire. He notices that the moon hangs high in the sky like a lantern so all can find their way home. He observes that even the lowly lizard decorates the sand with beautiful brush strokes as he pulls his tail along. This cactus keeps noticing the accomplishments of others and the useful things that others produce and keeps wondering with frustration --

"What about me? When will I find what I was meant to do?"

And you?

Have you ever wondered, do you ever wonder--

"What about me? When will I find what I was meant to do?"

Perhaps you are wondering now.

When will it all come together? When is it my time to shine?

Doesn't it seem like sometimes you struggle when others seem to be flying high, making "gorgeous patterns in the sky"? Don't you find yourself watching others shine so brightly that their light allows others to make their mark too, and you wonder if that could ever be you? Haven't you noticed the one who seems to never try hard and yet always manages to wind up on top?

Wherever you are right now is wherever you are right now


it is the perfect place for you to be.

Maybe, just maybe, you're what they call a --

Late bloomer.

I have a very good friend who, several years ago at the age of 41, decided that she would become a lawyer. I remember admiring her and feeling very proud. I was also a bit concerned. She was a successful and very busy real estate broker. She had never even graduated from high school. She knew that she would have to go back.

So that is what she did.

At 46 years old my friend went back to high school so that she could become a lawyer.

She had to overcome many obstacles to get back into high school, to be humble enough to sit next to the kids when she was old enough to be their mothers. And, I admired her. She graduated from high school at an accelerated pace in less than a year. She knew that she would have to be courageous.

So that is what she was.

She had to face many challenges to get into college and then graduate as valedictorian of her class. She had to be wise about the way she spent her time and her money. She went from leisurely lunches out, to eating a sandwich in a bag, while studying for exams and I was proud of her. She graduated at the top of her law school class. She knew that she would have to be tough, stay focused and maintain her discipline if she was going to pass the bar.

So that is how she played.

She made great sacrifices and discovered what she was really made of. And I am in awe of her. It all came together. Now it's her time to shine!

And that is what she does!

Late Bloomer

Nancy Maltin is the founder and President of Late Bloomers, an apparel company that produces tee shirts, tops, diaper bags and accessories. It her vision for Late Bloomer, Inc. that the message conveyed on her tee-shirts, tops, diaper bags and accessories:

All human beings are "late bloomer" and that all of us "bloom" in life at different times, each of us according to our own pace

will emotionally resonate with the public and translate into a demand for her products.

In addition to providing high-quality apparel and accessories, Late Bloomers is selling an identification with a really positive philosophy, that the purchasers have instant access to when they purchase Late Bloomer apparel and accessories, and that philosophy, simply put and instantly understood with the "Late Bloomer"® logo --

is that there is a "late bloomer"® in all of us and that it is never too late to make your dreams come true.

Nancy is currently busy with her company launch.

Look for Late Bloomer clothing and accessories at a retail store near you - soon!

Today, several years later she is a successful attorney at a reputable law firm. In addition to that, she is Founder and President of an apparel company called Late Bloomers.

One of her beliefs is that --

Late bloomers have the most beautiful flowers!

She figured that --

She was always going to be the age that she was going to be, so why not be the age that she was going to be, doing what she was meant to do.

And you?

What about you? What are you waiting for? Is this your time?

That cactus? He finally realized that he was worthy all along and he finally realized that it was never too late for him to "produce his useful thing". Just when he was about to give up on himself his flower bloomed more beautiful than anything that desert had ever seen.

"At its very tip, like a sudden crown, a glorious flower suddenly opened in bloom. Never had the desert known such a blossom. Its fragrance perfumed the air far and wide and brought happiness to all passing by. The butterflies paused to admire its beauty, and that night even the moon smiled when it rose to find such a treasure".

It's never too late so today, rest -- assured.

Rest assured, now, knowing that wherever you are,



for such a time as this.

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