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R.E.U.B. Delle
Rap music producer and hip-hop shoe designer

R.E.U.B. Can hip-hop survive on great production and weak lyrics? Is the black experience all about hating, pimpin, drug dealing, bitches, chain snatching, and of course the old mighty dollar? Can a rapper penetrate the mainstream without rapping about the-come-up? The answer to all of these questions is not yes, or no, its R.E.U.B! The Virginia based rapper/producer is the bridge that hip-hop needs to cross its currently troubled waters.

A rapper/producer, R.E.U.B. uses soulful sounds as the backdrop for his passionate lyrics. Lyrics belted out with such a familiar sounding voice and emotion, that the listener is forced to compare his sound to other hip-hop greats such as Common and Andre 3000. Even with a likeness to some of hip-hops greatest stars, R.E.U.B. brings a completely unique experience. His voice is deep and strong, his words are about the lives and struggles of real people, not exclusive to the streets or the backpackers of hip-hop culture.

Lyrically he is the complete package, and as a producer, REUB is also nothing short of breathtaking. He often uses live sounding drums mixed with soulful strings and horns to make a new refreshing sound. He has already started making himself known as a producer, having produced tracks with hip-hop legends Smif-N-Wesson, and even adding a track to Mekiah Phifers independent film Puff Puff Pass.
Name: R.E.U.B.

Recent Accolades include:
  • A one page article in YRB Magazine on page 128 of the February Issue for his KICKGAME Custom Painted Kicks. (02/06)
  • Producing "G-Walkin'" for Tek of Smif-N-Wesson (06/05)
  • Producing a track for Mekhi Phifer's new independent film "Puff Puff Pass" (02/06)
  • Signing with Missing Link Music Publishing (05/05)
  • Winning the Industry Standard Producers Showcase in the NYC (05/05)
  • Being one of the baddest motherf@..kers alive (EVERYDAY) (lol)
Super Powers: Rapid Healing (he's so "SICK" he would die otherwise)

Aliases: Reub-Hefner, Scott-free

Rivals: None. Fellas wanna be like him, ladies wanna be with him!

Affiliations: HEAVEN ON EARTH PRODUCTIONS/MADE-BOND/Strong Quality Music

Listen to R.E.U.B.'s Smoke-N-Mirrors

It's Not About The Shoes. Or Is It?

A lot of people dream BIG dreams, but few will do whatever it takes to make their dream come true.

R.E.U.B is one of the few.

"I put out an album in my area, completely produced by me, called Pair-a-Dice almost four years ago...That was the real start of the music movement for me. Before that it was just getting myself to that point.

He was born in Ghana on the 22nd day of the 11th month. He grew up in New York and Virginia but today R.E.U.B says he is everywhere "like VISA".

"I started rappin' a long time ago, went to College and did what I had to do there. Then I started getting serious with it {the rappin'}. I started producin' and I got a little bit of love on the radio in Richmond. From that I started producin' cats outside of my own area...I got somethin' placed with Tek of Smif and Wesson and I hope to place some tracks with some artists over at Roc-A-Fella, Dame Dash Music Group, So So Def, and Sony."

But producing and rappin' are not all that R.E.U.B is up to. He says that he considers himself a Producer, Rapper and - check it out --

Wouldn't it be Criminal to have control of the illest beats, the sickest emcees, and the hottest custom painted shoes on the east coast? It is criminal, and lucky for him, producer R.E.U.B. made bond. MADE-BOND being a group comprised of the MD/DC/VA Metro area's very best emcees and the Kick Game being the Custom painted shoes that are driving the streets crazy! MADE-BOND recorded a 24 track audio orgy over the instrumentals to 2005's biggest hits and remixed them to perfection. This is not just another group with another mix-tape: this is The Kick Game; flashy, loud, hardcore street hop. It's should be a crime to have a hustle better than Amway, and music more addictive than crystal- meth: and it is, so thank god these cats MADE-BOND.

MadeBond Shoes

For more info or to place an order please contact:

A shoe designer.

He started selling shoes that were targeted right at the center of the Hip Hop universe, and he is quickly becoming known as the Producer/Rapper who is giving away his music with these custom painted shoes!

"One of my partners, Jon Bland, thought that the shoes would be a good idea. He thought that it would be a good segue... It's a hip hop thing - custom painted shoes -- so we figured somehow we could use we just wanted to rock some kicks like that anyhow."

They started doin up the shoes, sending them out to the stores and now they are, according to R.E.U.B "getting' a lot a love off it"!

In other words - the shoes are HOT!

Speaking of Hot, if you ask him what his particular weapon of choice is, R.E.U.B will tell you that it's HEAT because "I am able to make fire out of an MPC in just 2 hours."

In addition he says:

"I have played 100's of shows. I have rented out spots in DC and Northern Virginia to hold events...album release parties, shows, fashion shows. I won the Industry Standard Producers Show Case in May, beating some signed producers like Wu-Tang's Mathematics, and Chamillion.

"We are all about rockin' crazy stuff. Ultimately our goal is to use the shoes to jump off our music. We're giving away the music with the shoes. The shoes are a way for us to distinguish ourselves because I don't think there are too many people out there who are doing custom shoes."

Probably not. And likewise, there are probably not too many people who have his drive and determination

"Everyone says I'm like a mix between Puffy and Primo!"

I say that Producer/Rapper/Shoe designer R.E.U.B. is definitely an original.

R.E.U.B, my name, stands for -- Real Entreprenuer in the Undergroud Business of hip hop!

"I think it fits me perfectly."

"I am rededicating myself to making "myself" happy, and what I think will make "myself" happy, is being absolutely honest, creative, and free. So here goes nothing: I am not a crip, blood or any other type of gang member. I am not a pimp or womanizer, I am not ignorant (if you and I got a problem I will try to talk first, then beat your ass!), I don't sell crack, and I don't drive a Benz yet! Now that I got that out of the way, lets get to it: I hate that stupidity is the climate in which I am living. The dumber the better, thats the slogan for the last 10 years. Its everywhere, sports, television, life in general, and of course music. The lyrics in hip-hop are weak, like old lunch meat left on the counter to spoil in hundred degree heat for a month. No one cares, no one loves, and no one dares smile: we all have bad attitudes, sell crack, degrade women, shoot first, snatch chains, and drive Bentley's but never leave the hood! How many CD's can be about the come up! Can someone black write about something else. Can there be some more black movies, that ain't about hood life. What about a black movie that was just a movie but happened to have black people in it... you know just a good movie! At the end of the day: I write to entertain myself not you, because you collectively don't care what I say. At the end of the day: My face is the only face in the crowd that I really want a smile out of, so love it or hate it, I'm going to do what I love the way I love to do it! At the end of the day: it's dark!"


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