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Ronnie Run

Born and raised in Winterville, NC and currently living and rapping in Kenly, NC, Ronnie Cox aka "Ronnie Run" is making his mark and "representin'" North Carolina.

Rocking the stage at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC, PhoenixFest in Durham NC, OIC Center in Rocky Mount NC, and opening up for 50 Cent at Club Dynasty in Greenville, NC, Ronnie Run is currently being played, frequently, on stations all across NC and beyond to the rest of the South. He is making appearances and performing live. Among his most recent noteworthy accomplishments is having his video played on BET Uncut, an after hours music video show that airs on Sunday nights well into the early morning on the BET network.

His "Best of Ronnie Run" is coming out soon. He also has a mix tape coming out called "IceLand's Finest Vol.1", and an album called "Hood Famous".
Ronnie Run

Stop And Look Me Over

Ronnie Run as told to Dana Roc

"What makes me different is that I don't curse. Everyone thinks you have to curse to be a hot rapper and you don't."

North Carolina rapper Ronnie Run is clear about one thing - that he is an original and he is clear that he is trying to blaze new trails in the world of hip hop by taking people on a journey back to the past; back to old school rap... _________________________________________

North Carolina rapper Ronnie Run is clear about one thing - that he is an original and he is clear that he is trying to blaze new trails in the world of hip hop by taking people on a journey back to the past; back to old school rap.

Ronnie Run is all about old school and keeping things on a positive note -- innocent.

He remembers that it was when he first heard The Sugar Hill Gang that his passion for rap was ignited. Now he is on a mission to bring that original style back to the mainstream.

Ronnie Run speaks.

I am bringing innocence back to rap. I'm trying to bring back old school rap.

Hip Hop nowadays is more of a movement and these kids need something like that. They have to realize that you don't have to pack a gun, sell drugs, etc., to make quick money. I want to bring rap back to the mainstream and show the world that you don't have to curse to be a hot rapper...

I do it for the love of it. It is the passion of my life.

It can take a lot of time and energy to go after what it is that you want, especially when what you want is a career in the music industry.

Ronnie Run works.

Hard work and determination really does pay off. You have to stay on the grind and keep hitting the street with more heat.

To be thoughtful and have a proactively conscious approach to your work is not a quality that every man will possess. It's refreshing.

Ronnie Run thinks.

The current state of hip-hop, to me, is kind of shaky. You don't know who to trust. Everybody in the industry wants to be a gangster, hustler, pimp and so on. I feel you've got to come real with it or don't come at all.

When you can share what is on your mind and in your heart, consider yourself rare and a precious gift. To take what it is that you have to offer and tell it in a way that makes the people come back for more - requires talent.

Ronnie Run creates.

I have strong abilities as a lyricist. Anybody can rap but the question is -

Can they write a song?

Never give up. Keep your eyes on the prize. Sometimes that can be easier said than done.

Ronnie Run believes.

I want to make it big with my music. There is no doubt that I can.

My new single "Deep Thoughtz" is getting good response from the public as we speak. I am getting looks by some heavy hitters right now such as Ludacris,Lil' Jon, and Ski from Now City. I have a couple of new tracks that I have recorded with production by VC for SickMan Productions.

They say that what goes around comes around and that a man will reap what it is he has sown.

Ronnie Run gives.

My goals are to give back to the community. I want to help others that are in need. After Hurricane Katrina, it opened the eyes for all of the hip-hop community and the world that -

Life is too short.

I have plans to start a label and to try and give people the break that I am working hard to create for myself.

Knowing what is important keeps you grounded and empowers you to remain on track.

Ronnie Run provides.

My big dream is to provide for my daughter and my wife. I love both of them to death. They keep me pushing to do what I do.

If you can see it before you achieve it then you've got the battle half won.

Ronnie Run imagines.

I'd like to feel that feeling of getting a deal and being around big time people. I can see myself there.

A willingness to recognize and acknowledge those that are going before you is a powerful shade of humility.

Ronnie Run appreciates.

Ludacris gave me a shout out on BET and I couldn't believe it!

My homeboy told me he saw {me on BET Uncut}. I loved it! I couldn't believe it and then I stayed up one night and caught it myself. I was like WOOOOW! That's what's up. It was a blessing.

When your GAME is bigger than you are, when it's about other people winning too - well, can you really ever lose?

Ronnie Run promotes.

NC is finally starting to get recognized by the music industry. A lot of people are finally recognizing that there is talent down here in North Carolina. There's a lot of talented people down here. NC isn't about backwoods and country roads. We've got skills down here.

It's a movement.

Remember how your Mama used to tell you to "finish what you start"? Well --

Ronnie Run remains.

I am making an impact right now.


Ronnie Run representin Winterville, North Carolina. Call the radio stations in North Carolina:

  • Foxy 99 on Sunday Nights (11pm-12pm Independent Spotlight)in Fayetteville NC (910) 323-9936 102
  • Jamz in Greensboro, NC (11am-1pm) 1-336-680-1021 or 1-336-730-1021
  • Soul 92 Jamz on Wednesday nights (8:30pm-9:00pm) "Carolina Home Jamz" in Rocky Mount, NC, (252)937-8600
  • Hot 104.5 (Sunday Nites) Fayetteville NC
  • Coast 93.7 (Sunday Nites from 10pm-11pm "Local Lime Lite" in Willmington, NC (910)763-0973
  • 101.1 in Jacksonville NC (11pm-12pm) 1-800-923-0923
Also, call the local college radio stations and request my new song "Ghetto Life" or "Club Rocka"!

UPDATE: URSCENE Record Label Compilation CD is out nationwide in FYE Music Stores so that is real big for me right now!! New Single "Ghetto Life" which was produced by Ketikia for Kaoti Muzik is doing real well on the internet. Keep calling the radio stations and requesting the new single "Ghetto Life". I will be featured in January issue of "Hungry MC's Magazine" (Based outta VA) and also on their compilation as well.


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